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The Clog

  • The Clog
  • The Clog
  • The Clog
  • The Clog

For the split fiends! For the dreamers! For the wooden-shoe'd!

The Clog is the split version of the Osprette, with the same choc-spacing and overall layout, including the number of keys (34) and the pinky cluster. The one minor difference is the 1.5u thumb key, 'cause it fits and it looks great. You can now sew a half to each pant pocket, or just put bumpons on and have good shoulder posture without stabbing yourself in the process.

This kit supports wired and wireless builds, with room for TRRS jacks, reset switches, power switches, and battery terminal through holes all available. It's a simple build either way, considering there are no diodes needed with this few keys per side! Just add switches and caps, and refrigerate for a few hours.

This store item includes:
  • the PCB (2 halves)
  • reset switches
  • power switches
  • TRRS sockets
  • bumpons

You can find QMK config here and ZMK config in the main repo of ZMK. The source for this board can be found here.