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The Osprette MX

  • The Osprette MX
  • The Osprette MX
  • The Osprette MX

Following in the footsteps of the original Osprette, this 34-key board feels just as comfortable to use, while letting you put your favorite MX switches to good use. Especially here with the slightly-larger-than-choc MX spacing does moving the top pinky keys to the side make typing more comfortable. You can check out the description for the original Osprette to read more about the pinky cluster schtick.

This board, like the original Osprette, supports hotswap or direct solder, as well as wired and wireless builds.

This store item includes:
  • the PCB
  • diodes
  • reset switch
  • power switch
  • bumpons

You can find QMK config here and ZMK config in the main repo of ZMK. The source for this board can be found here.

Cases are available here.